National CodeWeek

The CodeWeek

The Codeweek is a workshop organized by codespace to impart computer skill and business Knowledege. The knowledge the participants will be exposed to, will make them employable, employers of labor or Business owners!

The Theme

The Business Side of Coding will be expounded in the workshop. How you can make money with your Skill. What path in IT should I follow, What Skill do I need to Acquire to become who I want to be? All these will be addressed at the CodeWeek.

The Problem:

A lot of guys graduate from school without any skill. Even those with skill are still "broke" due to lack of Business Knowledge. Little did they know that they have the potentials to become Managers and owners of Businesses, employers of Labor!.

The CodeWeek Features


Startup Funds

A team or teams with best innovative busineses will be going home with Startup funds



We are planning for minimum of 2,000 youths including ladies in the event.



The workshop is free.
You only pay for other things you might need. Enjoy!!


State Directors

There will be two State Directors (Max) for each State to coordinate people coming from that State


The Codeweek will be showing how to design a cute professional website without writing any code. So if you hate coding, Come! we have sumfing for ya!

Selfie Day and Hub Visit

We visit sight-seeing places that will make you wanna take pictures, we also visit hubs in form of excursion to gain more exposures. Its aimed to be Fun you know!

HackAward 9ite and SheCanCode

The Grand finale night will feature certificate giving, CodeSpace Anniversary and Gala Night. It’s a fun night as we introduce SheCanCode. Special package for ladies that Code!

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments can be made at the Venue.

  • Conference fee and Conference Tag/Cert : N2,500 (compulsory).
  • Accommodation: N2,500 (throughout the Conference). (optional)
  • Remeber that you will eat so put like extra 3k in your pocket
Pay for what you want only!


You can Start paying now! any little money you have you pay in and keep your Teller or Transfer Code, depending on your payment method, or call 080647470986 to confirm your payment.

All Payments must be made to:

Heritage Bank
CodeSpace Technology

The CodeWeek will be held in Owerri, Imo State
Owerri is the Most peaceful City in Nigeria. It is safe and hospitable.
There are a lot of Fun places to visit when you are in Owerri. It is a Tourist Town! Google it.


Sponsors and Collaborators

The CodeWeek is growing Bigger by the day. Its now a collaboartive effort. All Sponsors will be branded in the Event materials and venues. Their Logos will also appear at the footer of the Certificate.

Campus CodeWeeks

Codeweek has been tested in different Campuses and success stories resulted!

Over 80 Students in Attendance. All happy!



About 60 Students Trained

FUTO CodeWeek


About 30 Students Trained

NOCEN CodeWeek

#31 Alcon Road, Woji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
We are global, We are social!

Please Contact Us

Ready for Sponsorship and inquiries

Phone: +234 (0)8064747 096
Phone: +234 (0)806052 3445
Email: [email protected]

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